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The program forms a large part of our commitment to raising the level of outdoor skills and safety on the Island.

Our award winning Youth Development and Leadership training program; provides long-term adventure training and scholarships for young students from the island. This enables them to rise to be part of a team embarking on a once in a lifetime, shared experience.

The Bold theme ‘getting comfortable with challenge’ is introduced and practiced through this program, which is delivered and funded by Adventurous Experiences. Risk utilisation education is inherent in all our programs.

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Places are offered through the Junior Paddlesport program, to those who have already shown commitment, immense enthusiasm and have the dedication to complete the comprehensive training.

The team of 8 students are training for their Norway Expedition next summer. Expedition units include navigation, hill walking, teamwork and kayak training and conditioning. They will complete a practice expedition involving wild camping, paddling and hiking in the Isle of Man, over Easter ’22.

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