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Providing an environment where people can learn to make mistakes. Where its OK to not get it right first (or sometimes only after many times). Lighting a fire to cook food in the back woods is as much about experiencing what does not work, as it is about the success of a culinary delight.

People are products of their environment.
This affects how they see things, and what they see (their perspective).
I may well see something in a completely different way to you… it does not prevent us both bring ‘right’.

Learning to develop your own BOLD Perspective is ‘getting comfortable with challenge’. It’s a change in the way we see things, encouraged by immersing yourself in the outdoors… in nature.
Learning is not linear. It’s progressive.
Learning is a change in behaviour over time…

Learning that the outdoors is a real environment, which can at times be unforgiving… it may not distinguish between man and woman, background, appearance or preferences… it will hand out a lesson in humility, in respect.

We draw inspiration from it’s raw beauty and power, opportunity for wildlife encounters and learning about health and happiness in our unique environment.
The Benefits of Outdoor Learning and Development are ‘measured’ on a different scale ⚖️

Developing your own BOLD Perspective will enhance (not replace) existing structure.  It’s about seeing what is working well and making that happen more often.

Bold can be viewed as a philosophy, as a coaching tool, as a window of opportunity where anything is possible… it just depends on how much you truly want it. Is it a priority, is it your priority and why : )

Keirron Tastagh

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