A Bold Perspective

Develop your own Bold perspective

Through a series of unique coaching sessions with Keirron, you can learn to develop your own Bold perspective.

That perspective is different for everyone, for some it might be tackling adversity in their personal life and for others it might be gaining confidence in their professional life. Keirron’s coaching sessions are designed to identify your objectives, and to create a bespoke plan involving the outdoors/nature that can help you achieve your goals.

Coaching people, changing perspectives

Discovery Session

An initial consultation, usually including a walk, chat and/or coffee at a place of your choice


Outdoor Prescription

Assessment, coaching and ongoing sessions every 8-12 weeks at the Woodland Cabin.


per session

Group Coaching

Coaching for more than one person, including all the Discovery and Outdoor Prescription packages.


Professional, impartial advice from an experienced outdoors practitioner

Whether you’re looking to purchase equipment, develop a corporate training solution, plan an expedition or even scout a filming location, Bold can offer professional advice with safety and security as a central focus.

Our Bold perspective is the result of many years’ hands-on experience managing risk and dealing with adversity in the great outdoors.

Bespoke outdoor training and risk management solutions for leaders, teachers and groups

Bold provides bespoke solutions for groups and individuals, with a overarching focus on healthy people, healthy thinking and a healthy environment.

People of all ages and walks of life can enjoy the benefits of learning and meeting challenge using the outdoors:

  • Corporate teams improve their communication in ways that could never happen behind a desk
  • Young people discover they can achieve more than they thought possible and gain confidence
  • Older people challenge themselves to head in new directions and open up new ways of thinking and living

Getting comfortable with challenge is the first step in developing a Bold perspective that will benefit you for years to come.

Championing safe, healthy adventure activity around the world

Bold consultancy operates at strategic level internationally.

Whether it’s developing the operational blueprint for sustainable coasteering in Norway or representing Isle of Man adventure tourism at national exhibitions, Keirron brings an extraordinary level of expertise and knowledge of the outdoors.

More than 25 years’ professional experience of understanding and utilising risk in wild and unpredictable environments has led to Keirron being called as expert witness on water safety policy and practice in the United Kingdom.

Start your journey by talking to Keirron.