About Bold

Adventure specialist with 25 years' experience

Keirron Tastagh has 25 years of professional experience developing people through outdoor activity.

His journey started as a young athlete in competitive sport, later progressing to be a qualified personal trainer and culminating in the coveted Level 5 Coach Award and an honours degree in Adventure Sports.

His professional career has been spent leading people and training leaders in sea and land based adventure sport. Keirron is a respected member of  the international outdoor adventure community and advises on national water safety, sea kayaking and coasteering activity and policy.

Keirron also set up and runs his own adventure sports centre, leads a professional coaching team and combines a wealth of experience working and providing solutions in the outdoors, minimising real risk.

Solutions are formulated with an understanding that the outdoors is by its nature a dynamic, not wholly controllable environment.

The ‘Bold‘ perspective came to fruition in the Isle of Man and whether you’re looking to benefit from advice and consultation or physical outdoor training and coaching, the approach is relevant and highly effective both in the UK and beyond.

Keirron in newsprint
Keirron Tastagh owner of Blueprint Outdoor Solutions

I wish I had met Keirron sooner – his coaching has positively transformed my life, my attitude and perspective.

It is a total privilege to be coached by someone who brings such vast experience and capability, but Keirron is also a natural leader who motivates and inspires so many people to want to make positive change, myself included.

I’ve had business and personal development/leadership coaching in the
past, but Keirron’s approach is unique and he has has helped me get to places that I believe that I would never have taken myself.

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